Milliron recycling

Milliron Recycling is one of the premier full-service recycling companies in the region. We handle retail recycling with our customer friendly buy-back center so you can bring in your cans and scrap in a clean, friendly atmosphere.

We can also service your parts manufacturing scrap with our roll-off container service.

In addition, if you are a scrap dealer, our shredder operation allows us to maintain competitive consistent pricing and receiving for our customers in the Midwest and the East Coast.



 Aluminum Cans .50
#1 copper 2.60
#2 copper  2.40
Aluminum siding .50
Sheet Iron .07
Short steel .085

*pricing is subject to change

Current News/Information

Contact Us!

Call: (419)747-6522
Visit: 2384 Springmill Rd  (St Rt 39) Mansfield, OH 44903

A Company You Can Trust

We have been in business since 1954 handling the discards or our local region and now across multiple states. That’s over 60 years of satisfied customers!


See Our Mill at Work

In the coming videos you will see the line that separates aluminum both by machine and human hands.


Reducing our own waste

By installing additional machinery that turns former waste into viable product for sale we have reduced our imprint on the local landfill.

Training our staff

By keeping our employees up to date on safety and environmental issues they become more committed to making your experience with Milliron Industries a profitable one.

General Public Recycling

Recycling to reduce waste such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, small metal objects is welcome. 

Manufacturing Scrap Services

When your company produces ferrous and/or non-ferrous metal scraps, we can help remove this material.

Scrap Dealers

We specialize in reducing your scrap whether it is bundled or compressed, we can handle it.