Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sat 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM | Current Pricing: Alum Cans: .45 cents/lb | Alum Siding: 40 cents/lb | #1 Copper: $2.05/lb | #2 Copper: $1.95/lb | Sheet Iron: 7.25 cents/lb | Short Steel: 8.75 cents/lb | Autos (Shredder Ready): 7.25 cents/lb | Call for Prices Not Listed. Prices subject to change without notice.

Retail and Commercial Metal Recycling in Mansfield, OH

Aluminum Cans — Recycling in Mansfield, OH 44903,
Spiral Sheet Metal — Recycling in Mansfield, OH 44903,
Copper Wire — Recycling in Mansfield, OH 44903,


Milliron Recycling is one of the premier full-service recycling companies in the region.

We handle retail recycling with our customer friendly buy back center so you can bring in your cans and scrap in a clean friendly atmosphere.

We also can service your parts manufacturing scrap with our roll off container service.

In addition, if you are a scrap dealer, our shredder operation allows us to maintain competitive consistent pricing and receiving for our customers in the Midwest and the East Coast.

About Us

Milliron Industries has been committed to handling the discards of the North Central Ohio Region since 1954 when Grant Milliron established Milliron Auto Parts. Over the years, Grant continued to innovate and expand the business into a number of related enterprises including ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling.
Today, as Milliron Recycling, we're better than ever before. The concept of “Recycling Today to Improve Tomorrow” carries through all of our efforts in providing our customers with the most innovative, cost effective and efficient recycling programs available.